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Love Nepal Treks
Love Nepal Treks

Dear travelers,

Love Nepal Treks welcomes you in Nepal, the fascinating land of the Himalayas with its huge diversity of fauna and of flora, often endemic.

Yes, here, is going to open before your eyes dumbfounded by the sumptuous panoramas filled with huge snowy mountains, which you will be able to admire along the tracks of walkings, at the opening of your tent, or comfortably sat in a plane flying over this immaculate top of mountains!

Nepal is the country of a complete diversity, combining jungles filled with elephants, the pyramid of the Roof of the World, and especially a huge territory covered with hills and with authentic villages.

Yes, Nepal is the earth of the highest mountains, with treks driving you to more than 5.000 meters in altitude, in dizzy landscapes, at the crossroads of monasteries stuck on hooks and benevolent villagers. Of course, our agency offers you also these treks of high altitude but as no to it….

Because Nepal is not only the country of the very high mountains, on the contrary! It is facet of rural Nepal which we offer you principally: Nepal of villages, meet during treks of some days in 12 days maximum.

We passionately want to make you share this world there, still so authentic and warm: walks of medium altitude (2.000 meters at most) allowing you to cross and to stay in villages, in the middle of the villagers to share their daily life, during some days.

Who does not feel like preparing vegetables in a kitchen of village, sharing the religious rituals of these villagers, competing with them in their games and dances in the middle of big laughs?

Who does not feel like sharing the life of a family and its house, with certainly a lesser comfort in comparison with the Western norms, but with a depth of soul which moves?

Who doesn’t feel like having a swimming time in the translucent rivers, vibrating during a descent in rafting, or showing a classroom in a village college in the middle of the children?

Who doesn’t feel like filling with serenity by visiting the place of birth of Buddha (in the south of the country) or to ride an elephant, with the discovery of the rhinoceroses of Asia?

Love Nepal Treks is a duly established and well-known firm for its suppleness in the field of job and the organization of walking. We tried to examine all different aspects linked to our country to give to our clients of quality services.

All our trips are prepared with a big sensitization for the environment, which is the essential wealth of our country. The guides are made responsible for taking you up certainly the good way, but also for making you discover (and snack) the local flora.

The money of these treks also allows to finance Community plans of Development in villages serving as a basis and of relay in our different walking.

Our highly qualified personnel works every day to give you the best of experiments during your stay in Nepal. Our circuits are flexible and can fit to each of your requests.

We hope that our organization will allow you to reach your targets of trip.

Compared with programs made to order and specific already mentioned in this site, we are of course ready to give any additional information which you could need.

Please, do not hesitate to ask us for additional information.

Thanks a lot for your attention and welcome to you in this MAGICAL country!
Bijay Lama and Michel Castelain.

Love Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt Ltd