Manaslu via Annapurna Trek (26 Days)

Manaslu via Annapurna Trek offer you two major passes in Manaslu and Annapurna. The main journey here is around Manaslu, reaching north of the Himalayas and circling the great Manaslu-Himalchuli-Baudha massif. Since Manaslu is a special area for trekkers and was only officially opened from 1991 onwards for trekking, it needs special permits. Three-week complete treks will give you an exciting, adventurous and once in a lifetime experience.


Manaslu via Annapurna Trek is a superb trek without any technical difficulties, which required good experience of trekking. This trek is part of the tower by a neck to Manaslu 5200m to finish in the Annapurna after a pass 5416m. Nepal’s wild and little-known small towns to major peaks, landscapes and views on many major summits. A trek of great variety that make a very good meeting with the many faces of Nepal and its different ethnic groups. 5 to 8 hours of walking per day.

It offers visitors many amazing panorama view of mountain, landscapes, lakes, villages, rivers and waterfalls.  After all visitors Manaslu via Annapurna Trek region one of the most interesting place to trek in Nepal.


Day 1. Arrival in Kathmandu, reception at the airport and transfer to hotel. Hotel included


Day 2. Visiting heritage site of Kathmandu Valley.. Hotel included.


Day 3. Departure from Kathmandu by local bus to Gorkha (1143m) starting point of the trek. (Visit temples and palaces).


Day 4. Depart from Gorkha to Khanchok Bhanjang, 927, 5.30hrs.


Day 5. Descending to Arughat Bazaar (500m) along the river Mukhti. From there we will follow for several days, the spectacular gorges of the rushing Budha Gandaki River. 6hrs.


Day 6. Depart for Arughat Bazaar to Soti khola(777m.) through many forests, with lots of monkeys. Many houses Gurungs which women are dressed in their typical velvet waistcoat and many jewels. 6 hrs.


Day 7. Depart for Soti Khola to  Machhi khola (900m.), follow budhi gandaki river toward its orgin through the many villages. 5:30hrs


Day 8. Depart for Machhi Khola to Jagat, 1370m, between steep walls through the hot springs (Tatopani, tato = hot, pani = water in Nepali). Jagat A beautiful stone houses and the first Stuppa (shrine) of the valley. 6 hrs.


Day 9. Depart for Jagat to Nyak  (2340m), begins to rise for several days to the first high pass. 6hrs.


Day 10. Depart for Nyak to  Ghap (2380m) 6 hrs.


Day 11. Depart Ghap to Lho (3020m) 6hrs.


Day 12. Depart for Lho to Sama Gaon (3390m) close view of Manaslu and visit the monastery of Sama. 6 hrs.


Day 13. Depart for Sama Gaon  to Samdo (3690, ), rest / acclimatization. We are near Tibet. 6 hrs.


Day 14. Depart for Samdo to Dharamsala (4460m) 3 hrs


Day 15. Starting very early morning (4am) to pass Larkay 5212m. falling back on Bhimthang to 3590m. Long section of 8 or one discovers many summits, North Peak (7154m) Larkya Peak, Peak Naike. 8/9 hrs.


Day 16. Depart for Bimtang to Tilije (2300m) 5 hrs


Day 17. Depart for Bargarchap (2000m ) we are in the Annapurna. 7 hrs.


Day 18. Depart for Bargarchhap to Chame (2713m) we encounter the first Tibetan villages.5:30 hrs.


Day 19. Depart for Chame to Pisang (3165m ) 6 hours


Day 20. Depart for Pisang to Manang (3351m), by passing the upper Pisang typical Tibetan village, monastery / Stupa, views of Annapurna II and IV. 8hrs.


Day 21.Depart for Manang for Leather (4200m). 5hrs.


Day 22. Depart for Thorong Phedi or High Camp


Day 23. Departure from Thorong Phedi to Muktinath(3800 m).8 hours crossing by pass of Thorang la at 5416m. This stage is speculiar because of strong winds start in pass at 8:00am in morning. It is therefore necessary to leave from Thorang Phedi at 2:00am in morning approximately for crossing pass on time.It is thus necessary to bring for some electric lamps(forehead if possible)for being able to walk at night (Keep spare battery if necessary)


Day 24. Depart for Muktinath to Jomsom (the gates of Mustang) 5:30 hrs.


Day 25. Departure flight from Jomsom to Pokhara. Hotel near the lake.


Day 26. Pokhara to Kathmandu by tourist bus. (If you wish to return by plane from Pokhara to Kathmandu, flying over the Himalayas, providing an additional $ 93 per person) Back to the same hotel.


Day 27. Leisure day in Kathmandu, transfer to the airport 3hrs. Before departute of your country.

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