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A land locked country, Officially Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is situated in south Asia between China and India with an area of 141,181 sq. Kilometers. Nepal is divided into three major physio-graphic areas: Mountain, Hill and Tarai. Nepal’s most important geographical features incorporate with snow-capped peaks, landscape, mid hill region and fertile land as well as flourishing plants of tropical jungles in Tarai. Most of the total length of the Great Himalayan range and 8 of the world’s 14 highest peaks is positioned in Nepal.

Nepal provides a combine of ancient history, vivacious cultures and scenic magnificence. Nepal is one of the best tourist destination in the world where tourists come for Village Home stay tour, Meditation (Yoga) tour, World Heritage Sites Tour, Trekking, Mountaineering, Peak Climbing, Expedition, White River Rafting and Exciting Adventure Activities as like Jungle Safari, Paragliding, Zip Flyers, Canyoning, Mountain biking, Mountain Flights, Bungee Jump are also being carried out.

Nepal is rich country in the world in terms of bio-diversity, geographical concern and unique climatic variation. There are more than 61 ethnic groups and 123 languages spoken as mother tongues according to 2011 census. You will find rich cultures and lively traditions, wonderful temples and monuments as well as white rivers and tropical jungles crawling with wildlife, making your stay with an extraordinary experience. Even though, all the people from different races, castes and religions live with harmony and there is an ideal combination of Hinduism and Buddhism.


Continent: Asia (South)

Location: Situated between India in the south, east, west and China in the north.

Total Area: 1, 47,181 Sq. Km.

Capital: Kathmandu

Total Population: 28.58 million

People: 123 Spoken language and more than 61 ethnic groups.

National Language: Nepali is the national language but travel trade people can understand and speak English as well.

Religion: Hindu, Buddhist Christian and Muslim.

Currency: Nepali Rupee

Time: 5 hours 45 minutes ahead of GMT.

Political System: Federal Democratic Republic

Climate: Nepal has four major seasons.

Winter: December – February.
Spring: March – May.
Summer: June – August
Autumn: September – November

Monsoons are from June till mid September.