Why With Us

Heartly Welcome to Love Nepal Treks

From the establish, The Love Nepal Treks has leaded the way in traveling, trekking and climbing in Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan. We will take you to interesting and exciting places of natural wonders, enabling you to experience high adventures and local cultures set against the magnificent backdrop of the Himalayan range – a setting where joy and tranquility prevail for one’s eternal peace and happiness……

Our large number of clients is forever expanding as these adventurers return home with exciting tales of exploration in and around the Himalayas. We are proud of our record of “return business” and of the many referrals we enjoy from our satisfied clients.

An important aspect of our success is the Love Nepal Treks team comprised of a reliable, well-trained professional trekking crew and an equally qualified office management staff. They will ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our aim is to give all those who travel with us a deeper insight to the land and its people. For exploring your dreams, Nepal Assemble Treks heartily welcomes all of you to join us in a memorable, wonderful and exciting adventure that comes once in a lifetime.

Safety, Responsible and Well Organizes

With the Love Nepal Treks, you would make your journey safer, more peaceful and memorable. We are well- educated excellent-experienced professionals involved in Nepali tourism for the last two decades. We have learned a fact that every tourist we deal is a different individual. Each trip we make with our clients brings new and extra knowledge to us. With this in mind, we work honestly and effectively to enable you to experience the Himalayan culture and nature.

Our experience tells us that tourists themselves teach many better things to us. The way they ask questions and the way they understand things has helped us to know about our responsibilities and ethics. We encourage tourists to ask us questions as many as they want. Questions you ask prior to your trip become very important guidelines for us in planning things in a very practical manner. Suppose, if you ask for information relevant to your health prior to your trip, we can arrange right kinds of things at right time and right place for you.

Moreover, we design tours to ensure that our clients get acclimatized. For this, we arrange alternative itineraries for those who have high altitude problems. We monitor every aspect of government policy and weather that might affect your trip. We make you assure that the Love Nepal Treks has one of the best safety nets anywhere. We are on-call 24 hours a day and in case of any emergency helicopter rescue is needed. Our job is to ensure you a enough happiness and safe journey. Our job is to ensure you a memorable and safe journey.

Good price and Value

We believe that traveling is an especial from of investment. Holiday vacations are much more than vacations; they can be turned into everlasting moments in your life. Above all, we believe that clients should get the best value for their money.  Moreover, we believe in strengthening and establishing a long-term relationship with our clients. Thus we provide reasonable and affordable cost to you. We help you to experience a wide variety of cultural, educational and recreational activities.

Our Guides

We assure you that our guides are highly skilled professionals. As experienced tour guides, they hold technical proficiency, and practice proven safety records. They are very careful about judging things and also hold rich sense of patience. Therefore, they become very supportive to their clients.

Moreover, they hold charming personalities and know how to be polite not only with their clients but also with the locals. They remain motivated to make your vacation become memorable event in your life. They hold rich and interesting facts about the Himalayas, their cultures, history and religion.

Finally, our guides are trained by the Nepal Mountaineering Association, the Ministry of Tourism and at the High Altitude Medical Training Center. They do not only hold license but also know how to deal with higher altitude and find out easy ways of getting acclimatized. Thus they can take care of their clients in a very friendly manner. Needless to say, they carry with them some necessary medicines and can assist you with basic first aid treatment.


At Love Nepal Treks, we take pride in the fact that every single porter and guide employed by us in not only well paid but also protected by a life insurance policy. They are provided with warm clothing and proper shelter on all high altitude treks. All our treks benefit the village by using local services (manpower, produce, lodge and other services). We ensure that all our staff is well paid, secured and properly equipped.


Decades long experiences have taught us a lesson that tourists do hold very strong sense of time and value of money. This in our mind, we provide services to tourists. Our clients have always found us committed to our service. That’s why they have always recommended their friends to travel with us.

Indeed, your satisfaction is our achievement!

Believe us, we are known for our commitments!

We heartily welcome all of you!

We specialize in making your holidays a success and memorable!


We give priority to our client’s convenience and safety. Satisfying you is our goal. For this, we follow your interests, priorities and so on. However, we encourage you to march through the places, which bring some new feelings and joys in you. Deep down we believe that traveling is part and parcel of spiritual journey.

We will be very glad and take it as our success if you sit back home and work place telling your friends family members and friends how wonderful time you had with Nepal Assemble Treks. We too want to be part of your memory.

Needless to say, we try our best to make your every adventure from transportation and lodging to sightseeing activities and trekking a 100% worry-free trip.

We know that our clients are here to earn great experience, relax, learn and, most importantly, to have great fun!

Quality foods

The best trained and many years of experience cooks work with us. They specialize in variety of cuisines ranging from Chinese, European/American to Nepali, Indian and Tibetan. They know how to prepare delicious meals in hygienic manner.

Importantly, they know the best of way of fusing locally grown up organic foods with the imported ones. We request our clients that place order before you join trip: if you are on especial dieting or vegetarian or so on, our cooks know how to take care of you. We assure you that our cooks know how to find the best kind of foods for you. Needless to say, they know how to maintain water pure, nutrition and taste in foods.

Varieties of Tours, Trekking and Expeditions

We offer variety of treks, tours and adventure trips to suit both novices and experienced travelers. We tailor your itineraries according to your time, budget and spirit: from one day or two months.

Needless to say, we provide all possible options from budget to luxury tours.

We know how to take you around unspoiled areas with panoramic Himalayan peaks in the background. We suggest you to march through narrow mountain paths along dense forests, lush valleys and quaint villages where the natives are very friendly.


To build a long lasting relationship with our clients, we perform quality services to them. For this, we provide you the most modern, lightweight equipment specially designed for trekking and climbing. For example, the tents we provide to you are roomy, the down sleeping bags and jackets are warm and the mattresses are comfortable. Needless to say, these materials meet the international standard.


with Love Nepal Treks, you can find accommodation ranging from guesthouse to Five Star Hotel. But in every case, we wish to make your stay as much comfortable and memorable as possible. Therefore, we arrange goods and modern accommodation facilities to meet your moods and budget.


With Love Nepal Treks, you can book air conditioned or non- air conditioned car, bus, van, jeep, land cruiser and coaster according to your desire and requirements at reasonable price at any time.